My Process

After an initial contact with you, usually by phone or email, I send you a proposal outlining costs. This is based on your needs as specified at that time. If you are interested in working with me, then we can schedule our first meeting.

The first meeting
At the first meeting, I recommend you have a clear idea of what you have and what you don't have. It is the time for me to understand your web needs, establish the project schedule and sign the contract. 50% of the total project cost should be given to PdWeb Creation at the first meeting (cheque payable to Pascal Desrosiers), the other 50%, when the final project is complete.

Your web needs
At the first meeting we will discuss your business, company or organization and try to understand you and your vision for your web site and how to make it as compatible as possible with the Internet today. Be prepared to answer these kinds of questions. Describe to me your business? Why do you need a web site now? What is the purpose of your web site? Who is your target audience? Is your web site a big business card or interactive source of information? Do you think you will update your web site daily or three years down the road? How much time do you want to spend on your web site when its done? Is your web site a tool for your business or a business it self. Is it very important to score high with a search engine? Do you want a web site with a lot of animation and sound? What are your favorite web site and why? Who is your competition and how do they look on the web? Did somebody proof your text? It is most effective for me to understand the vision and needs of my client before I present the layout and start creating your web site because it is easier to correct something on a piece of paper than on a web site.

Project schedule
Because I value your time and my time, it is very important to respect the project schedule. You and I establish it at the first meeting. There are three major deadlines to any web project:

  1. Project start/Client material due date
  2. Layout sign off due date
  3. Final project due date

In average it will take from three to four weeks to accomplish a project. Because I need your full collaboration I would prefer if you were available by email during the entire project schedule.

1. Project start/Client material due date
As a basic rule, I don't start a project until all necessary material (text, photo, logo, links) is delivered to me. So basically it is the client that established the first due date and the project to start. (Depending on my availability). All material should be in a digital format sent by email or delivered by mail or courier on a CD. I will look at your material to inspire me to create your layout but I don't review it, comment it nor correct it. It is your responsibility to give me your text approved. If your goal is to have a web site on the Internet when the project is completed, I suggest you have your domain name registered and your hosting plan active by this due date so I can test your web site in progress.

2. Layout sign off due date
After the first meeting I will have a good idea of how you want your web site to perform. After receiving your material (text, photo, logo). I will develop one layout and post it on the web in the following few days. I will suggest you, how all your information will be distributed throughout your web site. Each button's name will be identified. The client and I will discuss every detail of the web page and will come to agreement by the established due date. PdWeb Creation requires an email from the client as final sign off and acceptance of the layout. After it is done, the construction of the web site can start. If the client changes his or her mind about the layout during the construction of the web site, an extra fee will be charged for the extra time.

3. Final project due date
Your final web project will be shown to you on the Internet, with your hosting company at a specific address related to your domain name. ( I am doing this to test all functions of your web site and give you the opportunity to approve your web site from your computer. I suggest you to review all web pages at this point. When both parties agree on the final project, your web site will be linked to the appropriate domain name.
PdWeb Creation is offering a yearly maintenance plan for unlimited small updates. Or if necessary the maintenance of your web site is possible on an hourly fee basis. For CMS web site I strongly recommend an annual system tune up and back up.

Your contract
Both parties at the first meeting sign the PdWeb Creation contract. It is a detailed document that specifies the who's, what's, where's, when's, how much and what if. The client is responsible for all costs concerning publishing and promoting his or her web site on the World Wide Web.

If you are interested you should contact me for more information and/or get a proposal. I am located in Beaches area, Toronto, Canada. In the past I have done web projects for clients that I never met in person. All steps of the project were done by phone, email, Internet and mail for the payment. However it will always be my pleasure to me meets you in person.



A letter of agreement is created demonstrating the campaign length and cost. It is not included into the creation of a web site.